Was the Dixon Machine behind the slasher murder of Shannon Harps?

King County and Seattle harbor an attache of Reagan whose bad blood towards me resulted in a civics environment of support for the AIDS Confederacy. He is a bullworker of the Obama machine named Aaron Dixon. Dixon’s rodeo tactics towards me with Rosa Clemente have implicated him as the godfather of the slasher murder of Shannon Harps. The murder of an innocent person is not self-defense no matter how you construe it. This arrangement of ideology shows that symbolism in politics is not only unsafe and malicious, but has a broad appeal among those who dislike our rights and dignities. The heavy hand of pro-transvestite political correctness that exists in Seattle serves as a selling point for those who released AIDS and then campaigned to misrepresent themselves as advocates for the high risk extremes. Fundamental to the Green Party legacy of support for those who released AIDS is the tactical evasion of evidence for collusion by Yoko Ono with those who released AIDS authored by Peter Gabriel in his alibi program for Will Zell and Mt. Desert Island. Once the idea of AIDS as just desserts took root in the moral imagination of Black Panther syphilitics, the idea was hatched for tribal sacrificialism as method of punishing whistleblowing. I’m surprised it didn’t occur to Putin in Russia when dealing with Anna Politkovskaya, if the CIA didn’t kill her to embarrass the Russians. Terror of an innocent person is useful in committing identity crime and using a victim for slavery.

Pussyball systematics were designed by the Christian Fundamentalist warmakers behind AIDS as a statement about their puritanical goals. The Two Virgins war game underwrote virginity as a promotional object. Virginity is clean, low-risk. By opting for eugenic embrace of the ARK systematics conjured when the Church of England brokered my seduction by Alpana of India for the purpose of aligning the Black Panther syphilitics with the white Nazi fringe of Mt. Desert Island, an operation ordained by the religious extremism of Robert Fripp in the Gurdjieff Cult over John Lennon, the partnership of Colin Powell with Fripp, as featured on 60 Minutes together, was cemented for Hitler in the name of his frontman Ronald Reagan. Reagan gave them all the leverage and manuveuring room they wanted by claiming he didn’t know what was going on, despite mounting evidence of his authorship.

The syphilitics of these huns played out in other ways besides the murder of Harps. Seattle monsters also set up a tagteam through a set of women named Rachel, for the similarity of that name to the word racial, to lampoon my chemical castration and the attending heart emergencies they inflicted after brutally torturing me by neurological sadism, in a climate of ferocious libels. Leering that they represent victims, because one of the AIDS Combine’s minions self-inflicted AIDS, Geffen Corporation have allowed those who released AIDS to ride high. It is typical of Peter Gabriel, Rosa Clemente and the Green Party to call slasher murder of an innocent person honorary non-violence, since acceptance of their fraud concerning Will Zell was at stake.


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