The Army Media Complex

In the 1980’s clocked to the staged and phony discovery of the Burstyn papers, with the collusion of HARPERS Magazine, Wesley Posvar and Ronald Reagan organized the suppression of American journalism by the abolition of traditional lines of communication such as ticker tape alerts in favor of blackout Pentagon Press dispatches.  The ongoing war is being waged by the ravenous child molesters in the U.S. arsenal, an Army and Media Complex to whom commonsense has fallen dead, flapping about in last throes as a Comedic Shield authored by Penis Ringo as a riot of revenge over Lennon in the name of those who released AIDS.  This twist of Lennon was a barking pumpkin of terrorism advancing Hitler’s Revenge.

There has been so much water under the bridge and so much tragedy that if the kids ever find out what Tony Levin really did and for who a whole era of rock industry will be swallowed forever in allegations of atrocity and collaborationism in Hitler’s revenge.  SO was a Warren Report, a skunklike bellycrawl by hangdogs.

Preference and hegemony won out with Hitler rabid queerdom who in their greed sided will a killing.  It is a dark comment against the West.  The murderers in the Beatles not only tortured me and poisoned me to punish me for squawking, they brutally raped my deaf girlfriend and have threatened to make good on the original plan of the murdering filth behind AIDS to watch me die, labelling me a queer purse snatcher for trying to get help and warning to the public.

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