Proof that Torture is Legal in Pittsburgh

As you can see, I suffer from an unusual injury in my facial
nerve. This was diagnosed by UPMC Dr. Michael Soso as Atypical Facial Pain. I will present evidence that the poison which caused this
serious problem was administered in a dreadful crime in 1974. Last
year, 2014, Dr. Joe English of UPMC removed a pre-cancer lesion from my face. The essence of this civil complaint against the University of Pittsburgh is that two injuries to my face, one in the nerve, and one on the skin are not unrelated and were caused by deeply depraved, criminal sadism authored by the University of Pittsburgh with intent to destroy my life and cause torrential, permanent, catastrophic terror. It has taken me decades to summon the courage to confront them, and during that time they have never stopped in acts of ritual abuse intended to deeply humiliate me as an already deaf person. Incomprehension regarding their cruelty has contributed to a state of mortification during which time I was in a virtually catatonic state with regard to my experiences. For nothing would they stop, and they have no intention of stopping now. This is a violation of the 13th Amendment forbidding slavery.

I will be presenting the evidence from 1974 showing that a
planned poison crime took place. It is a letter from Gail Burstyn
illustrating what she calls a purple disc thingo. In another letter
by Gail Burstyn, who was introduced to me in the house of Shelley
Friedman, she names the brother of a Neurobehavioral Researcher at PITT. Then I will present a letter written by me in the days
following the poison crime administered to me in a state of trauma by friends of these malicious criminal individuals showing the severity of the injury from the onset. Despite this terrible, sad, tragic
experience in my childhood, no one knew the gravity of the injury I
had sustained, not even me, certainly not my family. My father who
was Chair of Education at Pitt never knew. This injury, now visible
in my facial nerve, was unknown to me until it surfaced in 1997.
Yet mysteriously, in 1992, PITT authored a political action
targeting this cruel, impacted neuroplasm. I have four pieces of
evidence in addition to the three letters I have referred to, which
prove this allegation about this significant and terroristic political
action. This shows they knew it was there when I didn’t. This is
because they put it there experimentally. Their political action was
very devious. They used a personality change chemical to make a
grandiose claim that I was character flawed. To do this they hired
Rosine Monteleone-Arnberg to masquerade undercover as in love with me and as my fiancé. Her purpose was to brutally humiliate me.

In October of 1993, I went to PITT Law School with evidence
of foul play. They invited me to the Law School and arrested me for
trespassing. The trauma of this betrayal caused me to lapse into
convulsive arrest, as they had planned. In the resulting suffering, I
boarded a bus to Iowa and shrieking in misery and agony from the
anguishing neuroplasm, I lay on the ground screaming, face pressed to cement, vomiting, as the memory of their attempts to impugn my
character flowed through my mind, the neuroplasm forced its way to the surface with memories theretofore blocked by amnesia caused by a neuroplasm.

The evidence from their political action shows that PITT was
working to structure an allegation against my character by depredating on the neuroplasm, claiming I was dangerous and hiding an abridgement of conduct and decorum. They slurred me as sexually occupied. What was the real memory that forced its way out? It was of a day in 1974 when it was freezing cold and snow on the ground, but school was not closed. I had been sent to the Principal’s Office for biting my fingernails bloody and told Dr. Marshall that I was going to be killed. When I disappeared for months she never investigated. That particular day I was afraid to go to school and was wandering around walking alone, frightened, terrified for dear life, but the Pitmans, in their stolen car, found me anyway, and forced me by deadly threats
into the car where they exhibited weapons and threatened to kill me if I didn’t use inhalants. Somehow, at a red light, in my panic, I
eventually escaped that vehicle that particular day. This buried
memory was not what Pitt was implying.
I took to hiding on the top shelf of our towel closet at
home. Mother, in tears beyond tears, finally agreed to sell her house
and move us across town. She never knew what happened and I had to live with her blaming me. Somehow, although deaf, I won a Governor’s School Scholarship. Shortly after I came home Pittsburgh Police attempted to frame me on an armed robbery charge. As a result of these experiences I was afraid enough of Pittsburgh that when the bus
was late in Iowa, I began to cry so profoundly that the bus attendant
asked to help me, and in pity he agreed to change my ticket to

For twelve years I sat in a recovery house in Seattle just
staring into space, unable to believe or accept that PITT, to whom my father had dedicated his life, not only employed the men who tortured me as a child, but hired an attack prostitute to masquerade in order to humiliate me in the impacted injury they knew about when I didn’t know it was there.

As a result of toxic overexposure to the sun, I developed
pre-cancerous lesions on my face. This isn’t all. I have been
informed privately by the Neurobehavioral Research team that their
crime is a lifelong operation of experimental sadism and they have
dared me to report it. I tried to report it to PITT, the Police, the
Sheriff and Mercy Hospital to no avail. So in my last attempt at
manhood, I feel forced, in absolute conscience, to bring it to the
attention of the Courthouse. I want to add that because of the sexual
innuendos advanced to cruelly intimate me and secure the evidence in order to destroy it that no one would no one would know what they did, the rape of my deaf girlfriend and the malpractice crime by Harborview Hospital in Seattle which left me chemically castrated, look like the long arm of PITT executing punishment for whistleblowing.

In closing, I wish to add that although I am a student in
good standing at CCAC, I live with trauma from having to pick up math where I left off as a Scholar’s Program student at Fulton Elementary at the time when the nearly fatal attack caused a head injury which made math so difficult for me that at the age of 54 I am struggling with blind spots that Dr. Gregory Chin confirmed were a result of severe beatings, in the hopes of finishing college by a course in Business Math which is all I need now.

The money in question in this lawsuit could be a penny for
all it would matter. They had no right.

Mac Crary’s father, Ryland Wesley Crary, was the author of the textbook: Humanizing the School

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