My Private Feelings Upon Filing a Lawsuit Against PITT

Pitt not only inflicted this grave personal injury, but by denying it, and forcing me to live for decades in neurotraumatic amnesia, suffering, oblivious to the cause, confused beyond measure, deaf and afraid, they forced me to stand up for myself in a climate of mockery full knowing that it would be nearly impossible for me. The evidence shows that they did this as a jest and that they are murderers.   By his own admission Reagan is their leader. The story he tells is that he just felt better backing the people who shot him than dignifying Jimmy Creary, nevermind that his attorneys had me in D.C. for the show and that he waved to me the night before.


They not only did what was done to me, but they forced me through a lifetime where it was evaded and denied. Things are hazy. I can’t hear. I have blind spots. Some of our society who don’t care or see me as a unique human being who had rights compare it to everything done by a generation of evil and decide they can’t have me being called a victim. You can tell yourself no, but it’s just denial, you can see what they did from the evidence. Denial, as might on high, is why my failure is predicted in a courthouse, not the facts or significance of the horrible wounds.


I’ve always know PITT were unethical to their core as a franchise heist of inate dishonor. They bray openly of their deceit and misconduct. In the 70’s and 80’s their war machine, law and philosophy, their urban guerillas in the Army Reserve, referred to it snickeringly by their slogan: The Nature of Reality. It’s not, in other words, just the vile, loathsome, criminal nature of Nordenberg’s attacking me in an impacted neuroplasm that they knew was there because they put it there and I didn’t know, couldn’t even remember the details of the brutal surgery because of fell ethers they forced on me in captivity, so his decision to withhold exculpatory information to brutally humiliate me FOR LIFE is just another variation on the blurb of their top law school student’s brochure reading, “There’s no such thing as objective reality only what they jury believes, “ meaning hire PITT and their graduates to lie through the teeth most effectively and Our Commonwealth can hang. They did this to the son of their Philosophy of Education Chair and then dared to breath fire over the issue of loyalty.


Raping deaf Jeannie.


When I struggled with my dignity and gave expression of my conscience at PITT NEWS they horrifically degraded me and spat on me as a naïve idealist. I am seeking a fortune in damages not only because they have the money and the injury is so grave but because I deserve it for exposing their horrid hand in atrocity and because they deserve to be punished soundly.


Sometimes I catch glimpses of what my life could have been. Certainly when I struggle these days with multiplication tables and physical agony from the gyrations of the neuroplasm, I wish God or Pitt had been kinder to me, shown me dignity and pity. It’s like being Charlie in the movie from the book Flowers For Algernon. I see glimpses through the haze, but it’s neuro-congestive, it freezes up and I’m back on the swingset, struggling with addition and subtraction rather than breezing through trig, and of course no woman would ever have me for very long. It was easy for them to pin it on me.


I should be in a respectable house in Portland by now, with books, keeping to myself and looking after my cares, but even if I win it’s not a life, don’t think that if they find in my favor they giving anything back to me of what was taken. They tried to disable and scare me so I couldn’t report it. Standing up for myself carries with it awareness of a society that has grossly degraded themselves by forcing me to. They no doubt will snarl with the time honored Nazism of slanderous, libelous, character assassins that I forged the evidence that I was able to copy from letters they wrote and then impounded to destroy. This is their nature, not the nature of reality, the nature of their reality.


Murderers have long sneered that I rifled the files of zombie porn seeking information about NEVA Corporation, who used me for bukkake at the age of nine and Zell, who had prior knowledge of AIDS, but it doesn’t come from me, it comes from them, and this PIT of horror and nastiness is what PITT stands for through their hisses, their greed, their sadism, their wormtongues and their lies.

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