Arsenic and Old Nancies

There is a civil blackout regarding the script written for profit in the AIDS Onslaught, while Hollywood powers scramble to dissemble and position themselves for profiteer. The guilty in the crime have domain. Knowing it was Reagan by personal experience requires society to endure my saying it was even if they don’t believe it. The rabid foreign English, led by Penis Sinfield, the wormtongue of King Crimson, ingeniously used civil terror of this idea to compel collusion and confederacy in the assassination system. The rabid knows what its fans will overlook as a party hate criminal. The virulents see it as a masterpiece of decadent British authoritarianism.

The celebrity superstate is structured to allow the foreign rabid impunity in their attacks on our society. The criminal nature of The Beatles and Peter Gabriel is a sickening hypertrophy of the moral violence in Franco’s fascism in Spain. They are leaders of facelying, macabre, sinister murder crimes, rapes and tortures, while prancing on stages with the syphilitic presentation of alignment with peace and Amnesty International.

The nutbaggers in American society want sexual spectacle and humiliation more than they want anything else in the world. This is what John Lucarelli was referring to in many times saying, “nobody ever went broke underestimating the tastes of the American people.” Tired of being part of a Catholic hierarchy found out for child sex, he helped organize indecent and vile assault on a child they brutally deafened, so that his son could find papers at an appointed time and holler with the strings of HitlerReagan’s groupies, Fripp and Gabriel, behind him, “Nyeah, nyeah we found closet sex! Woo! Woo!” and this little junta of tears and jeerings meant more to our media than the facts surrounding the case showing that it meant AIDS is manmade and that the Beatles joined in the sex party for kicks to cover it up.

The murderers with very little trouble staged a little terrible infant melodrama about the dignity of young female teachers to question patriarchy about their vicious one night stands, and pitted this notion grandiloquently from such offices as Amnesty International to make it a charter bloodbath to support the lurid inquisition of those who released AIDS, and Geffen Corporation was on hand with inducements for super-rich felons in the queer community to demand this entertain as soothsay and satisfy even though it was proved to have been scripted by their own tormenters.

Penis Gabriel wrote an alibi for Will Zell Broome on Mt. Desert Island claiming it was avengement of a race insult, after a woman from India seduced me. Zell is a white nazi eugenicist proven to have had prior knowledge of AIDS. Because he was hiding Lennon script information Gabriel covered for a gang shown and proven to have had prior knowledge of an AIDS testing war game planning for which predated appearance of the virus. Gabriel USED LENNON TO SELL COLLUSION with those who started AIDS.

The penis rabid foreign English conspired to work with Lennon’s killers in a violent betrayal at PITT of their own Chair of Philosophy of Education, posing as operating a machine of moral cleanliness for inhuman war, as they postured on their various tours. The killers induced incompetence in me as a victim of horrifying battery and poison crimes and then seduced cooperation from out PTA’s by pointing to me as a deficient role model. The fact that the authress of the assassination letters was apparently an associate of a local Judge, and that our school Principal failed to investigate my disappearance for months after warning her in tears of death threats testifies our society is in mortal terror of acknowledging a horrible infamy. The penis rabid foreign English felon, coward Fripp of King Crimson gave them a sickening and depraved alibi program by running by them their hatred for me as a boyfriend.

The monster claimed I was hiding a date rape when in reality the neurotraumatic amnesia was memory of being horrifically kidnapped and nightmarishly held hostage by armed and brutal assassins in a stolen car in broad daylight. My mother was an alcoholic and completely incomprehending in her scream sessions at me. Police were clearly allied with Nixon and repeatedly helped their children do these sinister acts of terror and mayhem. The rabid foreign aided these murderers in pulling it off and getting away while engineering a campus cordon against my testimony orchestrating support for chemical castration as punishment for naming them, which was cheered and facilitated by Rusted Root and the Lucarellis.

The key word is neurobedient humiliation. The foreign Yoko Ono weighed in to target Marie Moore, a midwestern grandmother, defacing me and demanding that I report being bukkaked as a child not to protect me in illustration of my tormenters’ depravity but to jeer and mock and further degrade my name as a victim of brutality. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch resembles not so much a man who rejects his wife after her being raped as a Dr. Jekyll who rejects his wife after she is raped by Mr. Hyde.

The University of Pittsburgh withheld exculpatory evidence in the rift between me and Leslie Katz to pronounce in favor of lifelong exploitation of a brutally damaged individual in neurobedient conditioning as a brainwashed, traumatized, hostage child.


Mac Crary’s father, Ryland Wesley Crary, was the author of the textbook: Humanizing the School

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