Why I’m Not Impressed With Obama’s State of the Union Address 2015

The reason I am not impressed with Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address is that Obama has failed to clear his name as a collaborationist in the AIDS Onslaught. It is to some degree a remake of The Case of the Lying Witness that we have seen on re-runs so many times in our Republic of folly, graft, mayhem, lottery and tears. The University of Pittsburgh, Obama’s blunt instrument in the atrocity, stands against each and every single thing that our civilization holds dear. They have violated our meaning and integrity down to the very rhetoric that underwrites the hard work of our faith in man, like a laughing box from on high.

Our society expects crime to either be simple to solve or the criminals go free. The Owner’s Manual to the AIDS Onslaught however, while proving authorship, is anything but simple. Indeed the tonic of what Greg Karl called, “the bewildering myriad of surface details,” was so delectable to the British that they sought only to confiscate its sale, not to warn or let us free of the poison. When our society pronounces that it is unready to entertain information, much less believe the evidence before it, a critical stymie takes root in cultural brainwash and this results in a filibuster, giving those who started AIDS their lives, their right to children, while molesting a victim of torture who came to testify, cheating me of my life an dignity pursuant advocacy for the assassins.

Gail Burstyn called attention to the time span of six months with great gravity in her letters very simply because she was part of a caste of horrible Jewish bigots who were working then with a kinder, gentler Adolf Hitler on a new order of implacable annihilation. I was born six months from Hitler’s birthday which is Easter and the crime was designed as an Easter Egg Hunt. The symbols are many and generously distributed in cinema semiotics, wallpaper, letters, corporate design and architecture. Marilyn Mon/roe gave the machine intelligence symbol for Roe vs. Wade, the latter a Sheriff who framed Oswald. Nancy Moore, my mother, was chosen for being a namesake of Strom Thurmond’s wife, and her husband John L. for John Lennon and Lucarelli, filthy lucre of the luger. Mary Lou Karl had the initials of MLK and mother was told to marry Lu/car/elli.

Herbert Simon of CMU the expert machine intelligence planning behind the Y2K fraud was one of the conceptual designers of Hitler and Reagan’s war game. At the Community College of Allegheny County I have observed students fallen ashen in countenance when I point out the peace symbols on the main building, for behold they are as if de-capitated, and in the shadow that falls on the student observer is visibly coached from within, with the dramatic reassurance of, “no, it can’t mean that, “ but it does. The same architect build Bidwell Presbyterian at 1025 Liverpool. The Liverpool insignia is for the plan to kill Lennon, yes but 1025 is also the birthday of Nancy Moore and the violinist of the pussyball frenzy Midori Goto, a partner of Gail Burstyn who organized the success of the guilty with Obama.

We find the function in Reagan films as when he says, “Goering’s car, that’s almost good enough for me!” The subtext, unstated message is: only Hitler is good enough for Reagan. We see it if we set the Guns of Navarone to closed captions. They say, “Those are our boys!” and cut to Germans running down the steps of Greek ruins, and so on.

The claim that the letters were sent right to me doesn’t include that I was put into a coma by the authors because this would have subverted support for the assassins which is what the Obamas are trying to sell. It’s not that far from supporting the parochial assassins who murdered my father, then graffiti’d his obituary before putting him on public trial as a Red Witch at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in the name of Ronald Reagan to complete support for Hitler’s kinder, gentler extermination party. There is a very simply social science to how the Black Panthers and Green Party betrayed the AIDS Generation. It was expressed by the obscene racist, Mr. Douglas of Buffalo, NY who taunted me, “If you try to help Black people they will only turn on you.” Nothing makes the Black militant more hysterical with fury than the idea of gratitude or debt to the white man. The fact that my father dedicated his life beginning the 1940’s to Black advancement in higher education and paid for it not only with his life, but with the dignity and name of his son when I was kidnapped and horrifically humiliated by a nerve agent, infuriates the Black militant into no end of gesticulating. They would far rather side with White Nazis, which they did, Will Zell on Mt. Desert Island, in the AIDS Onslaught, than admit a white man meant well.

The dirty Jewess Gail Burstyn was rivalled only by Penny Crary who sold Peter Gabriel asinine war game with the seduction of a child they called, “queerbait,” and “el pupa,” by a woman named Alpana working for the alliance of David Duke and Bobby Jinhdal, a scenario of an Ark of Colors designed by Ark/Artek and Salk Labor, who brutally tortured and gassed me in a holocaust simulation experiment, leading to a horrific AIDS war game on Mt. Desert Island, all of which was brokered in the name of Leslie Katz.

Leslie Sanetta Katz, again we see the machine intelligence representation. Les(bian) Lie, (Beat/les), Sanetta (sanity, sanitation ~ or as Richard Harris sang, “see her walking whitely as though she really were a virgin.” If you don’t believe that where do you get a homophone more total in insinuation than Gail Carolyn Burstyn (gay illness Christmas caroling, bombs bursting) for Christian armageddonism? They were partners. This devolves to understanding why King’s murder was correlated to De De Mancine, who was a child pornographer’s inside joke, whose virginity was already lost when she seduced queerbait for mutilation and sale, or as Greg Karl put it, “the initial encounter of the X-motive is tainted by the shadow of the adversary.” Sanitation, sanitary napkins, the Sanitation strike where he was killed. Put beetles and sanitation into a search engine and you get a list of exterminators, or X-terminators as Reagan/Burstyn would have it. Pennsylvania’s secret reich then sold the secret of Santa Santorum.

Rather than help me the British pigs in King Crimson and Peter Gabriel’s war machine trapped me even further because it was them all along. It was extremely deluded to believe these avatars of injustice, leering from the bed of David Bowie, “prove it wasn’t just about sex,” would take a stand for the rights of a deaf poet’s opportunity and dignity. My loyalty to Robert Fripp in fact was how he represented the proof of my criminality, lie after cowardly lie. Likely developments were anticipated and the critical movement was the sale of victim-on-victim chicken fighting instead of timely warning. AIDS was meant to spread and be adapted to. The Beatles were primed, ready and on hand for what Martha Harty Schienes called Alternative Conflict Resolution, which meant such acts as 911 in logo-therapy. Obama’s role is Jesuit, to lift the afflicted to the light by a myriad of snake oils. The truth, like Gandalf’s voice before men under the spell of Saruman, falls harsh and displeasingly on their ears, groaning under the guttural of the English wormtongue, “cudda saved John Lennon.”

Those Gays who were not knowingly accomplice to what Geffen pulled with Leslie Sanetta Katz fear psychiatric stigmata more than they can entertain moral indignation. They bought the game, went along with it, and just want to play it out in Los Vegas. Also, they cannot cope with the fact that Frank Zappa betrayed them, lied about Mt. Desert Island, promoted Gail Burstyn and the killers for Elizabeth Taylor and Hitler. The pure evil and sickness militates against awareness. They would be shunned, as I am, for speaking the truth. Lastly, their sadistic proclivity got the better of them, as Bush had hoped. Rebellion over acceptance was micromanaged by the assassins with a war operation that Oliver Stone called: Operation Medicine Man.

Fake discovery of the script was clocked the Alpana seduction and a co-production by Blacks in the military loyal to Colin Powell and British Empire. Obama was offered a piece of the expanding pie. Meanwhile, the grisy hate criminal Yoko Ono, whose war machine, The Neva Corporation had kidnapped me as a child with the help of Reagan and Warhol in the back roads around Arsenal School, scared up Operation Rescue with tawdry tales of the Walrus, pinched at by attack call girls assigned to my post traumatic reputation, getting one of them to stab Shannon Harps outside the Seattle clubhouse in honor of the horror production that Ringo demands with Rosa Clemente. Nothing can stop the drug-addled syphilis of Ringo Starr. Truly horrible Jewish bigots are being defended as zany, and the Veterans’ Administration, avenging the libelous perception Obama authored, raped my deaf girlfriend and had me chemically castrated to the cheers of Celine Dion as champion of Leslie Katz, leering at a profiled neuroplasm that I was a dictator for not wanting to be screwed into seizures.

The profiler victory is horrible to contemplate and the guilty many, my school, CCAC, Rusted Root, the City of Pittsburgh. Nothing that PITT can do to remedy the horror can compensate me. I have no real family to bequeath it to and my own life is wrecked. This was the shrewd, prior meditated cancellation the British legal authorities prescribed in their most callow and vicious act: the incitement of AIDS victims on their symbolic humanist prey, the victim-on-victim chicken fight that covered for failure to warn.

The murderers hotwired my head very literally in a terrifyingly warped brainiac crime, but the underpinnings of the sorcery were well established when Shirley Chisholm backed off from support for the victims in Vietnam of American bigots and their napalm program. Black concern is for civil rights, not human rights and there isn’t enough.

Obama got the Presidency by wry willingness to regard Martin Luther King as expendable. The dream was snatched like a macabre torch of Hades.

Mac Crary’s father, Ryland Wesley Crary, was the author of the textbook: Humanizing the School


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