AIDS: The Beatles’ Ingredient

An Historic Recipe

1.  Pittsburgh Powers horrifically brutalized, kidnapped, pedophiled, violated, tortured, mutilated and molested me in a terroristic series of unspeakable hate crimes, as a Hollywood investment on prurient interest by public vampires.

2.  Leslie Katz reported me as politically incorrect.

3.  David Lucarelli stole letters sent to me during the surreal, unspeakable ordeal and relayed them to Paul McCartney (who already knew about them) but claimed he was Shocked!  Shocked!  to discover that I disliked Reagan.

4.  Youssou N’dour set up the Alpana seduction for Black confederacy with Will Zell.

5.  Zell lures me to Mt. Desert Island AIDS war game.

6.  Rosa Clemente claims that I was just hunting a virgin.

7.  Midori Goto authors violent gang attacks, resulting in terrifying homelessness and terrible injuries.  She begins inciting AIDS victims to terror hate crime.

8.  Black-o-weasels conceive acts of human sacrificialism with the help of Mormons, leering that they are the victims.

9.  Paul McCartney claims that he is a genius and should be permitted to confiscate and suppress testimony for exclusive storytelling rights.


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