Sweet-talking the Assassins

Links to the schizophrenic anthropology, in contrast to the droning pseudo-explanations of American armchair psychiatrists and their brainwashed victims serving the celebrity superstate, an expose of the putrid, hostile, evil eccentrics like Robert Fripp of King Crimson, who served as an informant for the AIDS Combine in Hitler’s Revenge, and promoter of Islamofascism masquerading as guerrilla services to the AIDS victim establishment. If you are against hate criminals, then you are against Peter Gabriel even if you think you are not.  If you read mother’s testimony about his obsession with me you will note that she does not even mention throwing away seven boxes containing my life’s work and all records of my correspondence.  Peter Gabriel is a ravenous baalpig allied to Sean Strub, leader of an AIDS terror network who released the virus and then scared up support among victims by offering them slasher services in the name of John Lennon.  Nothing is more important than the ties of NEVA to Ono and Shiono. Learning that the Beatles colluded in the AIDS Onslaught, only fools haven’t given up hope.  This case load testifies to the hotwiring, Islamofascist style of Reagan.  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is well aware that Peter Gabriel’s berserker attaché Amanda Harcourt despicably wronged me using Reagan’s shield as her license contacting Hustler to deride child mutilation.  These kingpins of Lennon are a Confederacy who laced our modern history with the so-called art of David Geffen’s cryptobosque, a lost history of the AIDS Combine. That you have heard none of this until now shows you the gravity of the backstab authored by foreign English and their murder monkey, Ringo Starr.









https://szultra.wordpress.com/ http://savonoralia.weebly.com/

http://theircvillage.com/chat (where I loaf)








http://www.seattletimes.com (Mariners Forum)














NEVA KC Stills – to be announced – Les’ lies (Sisterhood arrangements in the AIDS Onslaught) https://thefilmproject127.wordpress.com/2015/01/16/the-neva-symbol/

The Film Project – To be announced (Semiotic records of Hitler’s revenge attack) http://thefilmproject127.wordpress.com

http://publish.nyc.indymedia.org/es/2013/05/123111.shtml https://plus.google.com/104464562079286145543/posts/Wy2eBcoBL24


John Pesa: James: I think I am making some progress but need help with a few things:

1. The setting up of JFK (I get this)

2. The rescue and survival of Hitler (meaning that he escaped Berlin and moved somewhere)… Do you have any thoughts or research suggesting where he went, what organization protected his cover and financed his retirement?

3. Two Virgins Pussyball – I don’t have a clue what this means, and google gave me some interesting links….

4.  LITTLE GIRL – Please elaborate as to what this means.

5.  Little Boy Bomb – Please elaborate as to what this means.

6.  Arch of Colors – Please elaborate as to what this means.

Ark, John.  The assassins locked me in a house from the inside at a Salk Labor party with the men who tortured me.  They called themselves Ark/Artek and were immediate neighbors of Alpana who set up the support of blacks for Zell.  Artek Tony also built the India Parliament.  Erun Gandhi excused this.

7.  Noah Virus – Please elaborate as to what this means.   see:  original Casino Royale and Pussyball Eugenics

8.  AIDS Script Plan – the plan to manufacture the AIDS Virus and spread it into society?  http://texasschoolbook.weebly.com

9.  The Story of the Bird – is code for the AIDS Script Plan

10. I am the Walrus – is code for the AIDS Script Plan

30 day temp site:  http://jacinto123.simplesite.com

https://circlemusings.wordpress.com/2011/03/22/speech-by-mac-crary/ jimi https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=QgIIAQ%253D%253D&q=aliaslittleboy http://patheticschool.wordpress.com

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