Indecent Interrogation of a Minor

In understanding how my investigation proves that the Beatles were behind the AIDS Onslaught, you have to comprehend the shrill direction of the counter-attack launched by Ringo Starr through the Pennsylvania government and such street criminals, posing as social workers, that he could buy for informants from among Lennon’s killers. Ringo Starr was and is much more concerned to criminalize and punish someone who was not involved in the murder of John Lennon, as a de-humanizing mission of the script by Yoko Ono’s faction, working with the monster Reagan, than he will ever be concerned about the true authors. The reason for this is clear ~ only the innocent have the power to compel awareness by representation of the true concerning how the criminal operation developed and continues to hold power in government and media.

Those who have studied the facts of my investigation have known for a long time that Peter Gabriel wrote an alibi for those who started AIDS on Mt. Desert Island and that a eugenic pussyball war game known as Two Virgins was written by those who released AIDS as a function of the operation to sell a decoy to the public based on gladiator motivations. Gabriel depicted the threat to inject his victim with HIV as a sadistic prank based on punishment of the murder of John Lennon. In other words, Peter Gabriel, operating for Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono, had an alibi for writing the alibi for those who started AIDS. He shifted the issue away from their violation of the public’s right to know and Reagan’s refusal to issue warning and arrest Gail Burstyn, over to the idea that the AIDS Onslaught itself was nothing more than a sick joke over the murder of John Lennon.

In the Executive Branch, a frenzy has long existed towards the fact of Jimmy Crary’s innocence, for the simple reason that the issue of innocence opens the casebook, weighty with fraud by the President’s Office, to prosecution without consequences for whistleblowing. As long as Mr. President could sustain the idea of Jimmy Crary as guilty, they could mask the use of torture to punish freedom of speech as examples of penal harm, consequences of having been guilty and punished by the social forces who are indignant at guilt. In this fashion, the criminal insanity of the brutality visited upon me for testifying against the Beatles and their friends in the Reagan Administration has the power to set an example for the way the government wants AIDS to be regarded: as a tragic condition affecting primarily the guilty, and justifiable punishment when injected into a hostage for failure to save John Lennon.

The Clintons have waged a secret war through American media intended to persecute a childhood victim of pedophile mutilation. Their argument is that if they can prove Jimmy Crary was guilty of taking PCP from Saul Brecher at the age of 15 then this act nullifies all claim that Jimmy Crary was not a law-breaking part of a gang operation, and shifts the balance of credibility towards those who organized a staged and phony discovery of the Burstyn letters in Peter Gabriel copyright claim to cover up Mt. Desert Island as a jest and failure to warn. Further, the madhouse faction of Hillary Clinton claim that the criminality of Jimmy Crary further lends weight to the idea that he was a potential date rapist, nevermind reality, behavior, work history or capacity for reason. The institutions responsible operated outside lawful conduct by their own admission, calling Mt. Desert Island a scared straight program which would have been illegal, they rely on a child’s mistake in being poisoned with PCP to explain their criminal insanity, when their faction are the ones who provided the PCP.

Looking briefly at the case history we find adults had not merely corrupted the morals of a minor. They had savagely tortured, brutally beaten and terrifically terrorized, holding hostage, their prey, using a neurological chemical to create obedience and deter thinking processes of a normative nature. Their hostage was punished at home with insane screams from a tyrannical mother broadcasting her shouts into his deaf and traumatized head like a microphone. Their hostage was watched very, very carefully for signs of autonomy and brutally set upon for voicing personal opinions or integrity. The one time when their victim was given any leeway from abuses of the mind was when he obeyed their constant cajoling to do drugs. It is important to remember that Pennsylvania Government is police oriented, coercive and extremely violent towards innocent people. Into this situation we have a headlocked child, being squozen, burned on the arm sadistically, being told to choice between PCP and something else and taking it. Ringo Starr, as a manipulator who has no interest whatsoever in promoting an accurate picture, slurs the decision to take PCP at age fifteen in a hostage situation as proof of guilt in the murder of John Lennon, his alibi for writing an alibi for those who started AIDS when he helped them, who he supports, on Mt. Desert Island. Since this is the reality of what these murderers did, it is very important to understand them.

Promoting the fallen women concept of victim status has been the sponsor of Andrea Swimmer, a friend of my mother Nancy Moore, Mary Ellen Tunney, courting a ton of money, and Vince Eirene, who worked with Yoko Ono in backstabbing someone who went to Robert Fripp in honesty, by immoral surveillance. So immoral is the surveillance in fact that the voices of schizophrenia themselves have the overtones of being functions of media cruelty. This is the age for such discoveries and the mercenaries in the Beatles are the type to deploy them.

What the situation has allowed Eirene, Martin Sheen, and others working with Yoko Ono on the murder of John Lennon and the Executive decision to punish reporting by death is to give them the power to inflict personal injury as an investment. This is clear from the fact that Gail Burstyn was working attorneys and Magistrates in writing proof that Neurobehavioral Research at PITT was behind the tortured and poisoning of Jimmy Crary. By providing proof on a dare, the powers who occupied our Federal system by the murder of JFK to loot it and control finance, have in mind a little fun by speculation through accounts of largesse. If Jimmy Crary can persuade the Magistrate to rule in his favor then the murderers who tortured him are ready and raring to embark on a future operation of deadly extortion. It is important to remember that among the murderers are the stepfamily of their prey Jimmy Crary, the Lucarellis, who were positioned by Pennsylvania Government to make the heist of the Burstyn letters on a signal from British warlords in New York working with Pennsylvania Government on execution of the AIDS Onslaught.

The purpose is to convey the prescription of AIDS as violence that will kill only the guilty and immoral. This issue is more than the sort of mentality that arrived through organized forces under Reagan to whom the Beatles were in accomplice and alliance. It is in the writings of Gregory Karl and Gail Burstyn which the Beatles adopted as their war game. Supreme Executive power and the Beatles were behind the AIDS Onslaught. They address the game as representative of the immorality of human appetite and as a necessary curb, as well as a paraquat.

One of the more vicious avenues that Fripp and Eno, as the Spanish Inquisition of the AIDS Combein, embarked on was the indecent interrogation of a minor. It has been shown very conclusively that the victim was beaten very piteously and subject to extraordinary measures of mind control, a neurological head poison that was intended to compel obedience to coercion through neurological conditioning, a neurobedient head wound of a Frankenstein nature from Neurobehavioral Research. Since the Beatles would no more admit their hand in the drug traffic of our society than the CIA would, it is paramount to these war criminals to control our society’s attitude about drug traffic where mandatory sentencing of those who are poisoned and abused is normalized while those who engage in drug slavery of this type are protected by nuclear weapons as shield.

In the trial by media sympathy and loyalty to the Beatles as Imperial poison crime artists, selling their snake oil of LOVE charms to ward against the devil of outrage concerning the AIDS Onslaught, American media has become a Church power in a new Dark Age. Peter Gabriel hired the sickening offender, Youssou N’dour, to represent Black Muslims in their alliance with a white Nazi named Will Zell over pussyball spoil Midori Goto, an East-West Circuit program, the E/W art of Michael Ewart and Cyril Wecht, representing HitlerReagan in Pittsburgh. Gabriel channelled the yammer of N’dour through the neuroplasm, blasting open an impacted injury that they knew was there when I didn’t, a set up that predated the seduction by Alpana invoked by Colin Powell, Cornell West, Molefi Asante, N’dour, The Pittsburgh Courier and the NAACP in their alliance with Will Zell over Midori Goto. Zell was proven to have had prior knowledge of AIDS and to be working for Cynthia Lennon. Once the yammer was hammered into the neuroplasm, Gabriel began extrusion of the neuroplasm with the media decree: Wear Your Inside Out, the exact opposite of the Miranda Warnings. Further, as a brutal criminal and child molester, Gabriel was advocating for Lewis Lapham’s claim that the fact that I didn’t know about the murder of John Lennon was proof of my guilt in the matter. In other words, to advise me, by law, of the charges against me would alert me to the war game and spoil the fun of their carnage.

British filth like Ringo Starr operate exactly in the manner of Hitler’s forces in occupied Poland. It was noted by James Michener that one of the horrid occupations of the Nazi interlopers was the smash the small urns that Polish women used to knead bread and this petty attention to smallest details was exactly the nature of Ringo Starr who spat and defecated in the smallest trophies of self-esteem that I was able to hold onto until I allowed them to be taken by force. The letter to me from Martha Gellhorn was one of the most fearsome objects of extortion. They forced me to cut the gold from my teeth saying I was entitled to nothing of value. They broadcast how a bird number two’d on my face when I was forced to use inhalants on the day Kasperowski, their brutal assailant, saw God. They forced me to describe again and again for the sadistic gratification of Michael Reagan, the way I was bukkaked in tears as a child at the age of nine at Brecher’s slumber party, and they did this on behalf of Gail Burstyn who actually authored the Lennon assassination letters but who poses no threat to them. The indecent interrogation of a juvenile in other words was an Executive decision intended to humiliate attempts to warn the public that AIDS was manmade, came from PITT and Reagan, and enjoys the sponsorship and trickery of Yoko Ono and the British rock industry.

Pink Floyd released AIDS. The Rolling Stones released AIDS. These are the mass murderers behind the atrocity. It was in the art of King Crimson, which was published on the heels of Martin Luther King’s murder and the art of Peter Gabriel. The Zappas provided distortion and media spin control as a trump in the outrage. These are the murderers and psychopaths we have been looking for and having found would not dare to confront for their massacre. They have an alibi for the alibi they wrote for the guilty on Mt. Desert Island. This alibi is the disturbing book about the murder of John Lennon they wrote and then captured through brutal intimidation of a neuroplastic trauma victim.

The Beatles and Ringo Starr have advanced a drug doctrine that presents that Lennon’s role in society, that of drug libertine, is betrayed by the stand of a victim of torture repudiating the drug traffic that includes many AIDS victims. This is part of the backbite and incitement program of Yoko Ono whose cult of martial espionage among the Japanese militarists in the NEVA Corporation shown to have been looking to sexually addict James Crary to Japanese pornography through attack prostitution as a weapon of Nancy Reagan to use Midori Goto to humilate they prey was actually symbolic violence in the AIDS Onslaught called Operation: Little Girl, a revenge attack by the Japanese, which included my chemical castration by Ichiro Suzuki’s tagteam in Seattle, on the Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima when my father was in the Pacific Fleet. This resolution was arranged by George Bush when he killed JFK. David Bowie was among those who used the coding of the NEVA Corporation in his broadcasts about mass murder DD showing heavy premeditation on Diamond Dogs, a statement about the ruthless corruption of British filth and their hold over the American Government.

Lewis Lapham is the one who coined the phrase, “The rape of the human mind,” which demonstrates the premeditated savagery of the ritual abuse and torture they subjected the victim to when sizzling zaps of neurological fury through the impacted neuroplasm analogous to tasering someone on the eyes hundreds of times. The goal of Ringo Starr was virtual putrefication of the hate object while yammering Yoko Ono’s vicious incitement through his drug-crazed fans that I was a role imposter, allowing them to re-route the issue of discovery about AIDS on Mt. Desert Island through their alibi for cooperation in the war crime by invocation of various status dirties concerning perception about John Lennon. However strange it may be it is how it worked and because it worked, because it tricked victims into supporting their own killers, may be regarded as an act of criminal genius, which I suppose is what you would expect from Jews helping Hitler fulfill a revenge plan.

Gabriel continues to claim that a virus-transfer war game is legitimate. These men are in politics and spend a good deal of their time laughing at me. The money at stake in my lawsuit doesn’t even cover the value of the painting they stole from me, much less compensate me for a prolonged, cruel media show trial put on by Michael Reagan. Although in their alibi for an alibi the Beatles have claimed that the script was theirs to land grab in a found art production, in reality it was The Great Backstab by the actual assassins.

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