Gentle Reader

    Examine for refresher the homepage of Mz. Goto, a checkered letter to Leslie Sanetta Katz.  Everything PITT and the foreign have leered in their creation of a stalemate regarding their crime of premeditation is deceit because I was suffering from an impacted nerve agent and the brutal authority of a cryptic warlord, “impinging,” on what he called, “the persona’s experience.”  Like most vicious Beatlefans, you’ve ignored my request for a determination that contrasts the truth against your tainted interest in suppression of fair play by malicious diagnosis.  True to form, you also believe, as they do, that moral judgments are a subjective method of organizing the will to power.  This isn’t about my fitness, it’s about their crime.

     The online issue is a problematic.  The facts are clear, the analysis valid and the counterattack a diagnostic chararacter assassination heaped with the violence of a mob lacking insight, a study in police state disingenuity.  Problematics while somewhat contained are less understood than a process of understanding.  Don’t take your limitations out on me. 

     Item of departure:  The Coon/Ledbetter letters, about which you profess to know nothing, and thus sit in judgment as an authority, were a Riback complex evolving from scrutiny of the mindset behind the dark arrange of content like Silkwood, Wormwood and Cher/nobyl, a sorcery deriving from the Society of Creative Anachronism in medievalist PITT during plague time and under the watch of Granger Morgan.  The crime in other words was a generalist’s attempt to challenge by an infinite myriad of caustic sub-specificities that rewired around Failure to Warn in the name of capital entertain:  a German Missile Crisis.

One need not be understanding about that which they do not understand, which is the whole point of the Prejudiciary.

     Allowing neuroplastic brainwash is their experimental point of departure in their madhouse rock star laden dungeon of cruelties.  What Goto failed to reveal and consciously repressed was the evidence that the suggestions that Katz was hinting were causing me physical agony not just moral strife.  The crowd is wrong.  Fripp is a rabid faceliar.

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